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ACS upgrade

ACS upgrade ensures the optimization of the production process, allows for saving fuel and energy

resources and processing alarm signals on abnormal situations more quickly. ACS upgrade helps

to increase the performance of the entire production process of the enterprise.

Engen employees will perform necessary analisys and develop an engineering design according to the tasks and conditions of the enterprise. The improvement or implementation of automatic control system monitoring can be carried out using software and hardware systems of our own design. The algorithm for making changes is flexible and can be adapted to any production needs.

Among the main advantages of making such changes is the ability to integrate the equipment from different manufacturers, that operate different protocols, into a single complex. Engineering solution provides for visualization of ongoing production processes, making it possible to control the operation of the entire system, change its operation quickly and respond to emergency situations.


  • Monitoring and control of parameters of the unit.
  • Control and logging of all events, timely change of the controller configuration in order to adapt the unit to the selected
  • mode of operation, development of algorithms for operation, diagnostics, interlocking and protection based on the results of operation of the unit.
  • Early diagnosis of control system failures.
  • Improving the diagnostic capability of the system, ensuring safe operation of the unit, preventing emergencies and implementing automatic protection.
  • Continuous load flow control (export/import) of the power center, which is independent of the human factor.
  • Convenient visualization of all processes.
  • Increase in generated power from 7 to 20% due to automatic power control.
  • Control of the total power generated by the power plant.
  • Power center load flow control (import/export).
  • Management of start-ups and shutdowns of main units (automatic control system for a gas turbine engine).
  • SCADA system that coordinates the individual parts of a sophisticated automation scheme.

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