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A switchgear — is a specialized electrical installation designed to receive and distribute electricity with specific operating voltage range.
A switchgear includes switching devices, protection and automation devices, measuring instruments, busbars and connecting busbars as well as auxiliary devices. Engen has experience in installing, among other things, SF6 gas insulated switchgears.

The main equipment in such projects was enclosed in shells filled with SF6 gas, which serves as an insulating and arc-quenching medium. The Company’s priority is to supply a guaranteed solution aligned with the customer's objectives.
Based on the analysis of current requirements, we not only offer ready-made solutions but also develop alternative options for the supply and installation of equipment, which ultimately allow the client to save money.

Circuit breakers used in switchgears

35, 110, 220, 500 kW outdoor switchgear is a unified transportable prefabricated unit consisting of a metal supporting frame with high-voltage equipment mounted on it and auxiliary circuit elements.
The following equipment is installed as switching devices in HV and MV outdoor switchgear:
  • VRS-110 vacuum circuit-breakers on the 110 kV side
  • VGT-220, LTB 245D1, 3AP1DT-245 SF6 circuit-breakers on the 220 kV side
  • VR35NS, VR35NSM SF6 circuit-breakers on the 35 kV side