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Distributed Power Centers

Production, supply, commissioning and operation of block-type modules (mini-CHPs)

The process of installing MEP systems for power equipment (gas genset, diesel generator unit, packaged transformer substation, etc.) is known as packaging of power plants.

A block-type module includes lighting system; heating system; fire extinguishing system; BOP electrical equipment; start-up system (pneumatic start or battery facility); an oil system that refills oil to gas-powered engine; ventilation system which provides air supply for combustion and cooling; unit; exhaust system; fuel supply system (gas pipelines and protective and control equipment, gas meter and gas heater).

Advantages of block-type mini-CHPs

  • Fast assembly and installation, even outdoors
  • Mini-CHP can be easily retrofited. Gradual expansion of the generated capacity is also possible
  • Facility can be transferred from one site to another
  • Neighboring modules can be installed close to each other to save space
  • Any color of frame and outer railing according to RAL
  • They can integrate harmoniously into the urban and rural environment
  • Easy to connect: the block-modular design simplifies the integration of generating equipment into the customer's power system
  • Low price since there's no need to construct a single building, overall minimization
    of construction work on site

Power plants of all well-known manufacturers of gas-fueled reciprocating and diesel equipment can be integrated into the ENGEN block-type module.

Design documentation takes into account individual specifics of each model of the generating set that determines the layout of doors, hatches, service openings, cable trays and ducts.

Block-type modules are stable and reliable in harsh climatic conditions due to the use of high-quality materials and various auxiliary systems that maintain normal temperature conditions of the power plant.
All this ensures uninterrupted operation of the CHP's engine.

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