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Green energy

Solar power plant (SPP) is a reliable alternative source of energy that allows saving on electricity.

Solution options

On the ground

As a rule, powerful industrial solar power plants are located on the ground. SPP is installed on special supporting structures that allow setting a small angle of inclination of the panels. The angle of inclination of solar modules may be fixed, changed several times a year or changed by means of trackers. The best location for a power plant is lands unsuitable for its intended use. This solution allows efficient use of empty space.

On the roof and on the facade

Placing a solar power plant on a flat roof is the optimal solution for industrial enterprises, since it does not require additional land.
The angle of inclination of solar modules is set in consideration of a specific region and is adjusted to ensure the most efficient operation of the solar power plant. A slight inclination reduces the weight of the supports on which the batteries are mounted, reduces the wind load, and also eliminates the mutual dimming of the solar panels.Beside standard placement options, Engen can add photovoltaic modules on top of the enclosing facade or roof of the building.
In this case, integrated solar power plants also serve as structural elements of the building.
Our experts will select the best solution based on your requirements.

On the water

One of the most significant advantages of floating solar power plants is their high efficiency as compared with conventional ground panels, which lose performance as they heat up. Thermal cycling significantly shortens the life of solar panels. Placing solar power plants on the water allows achieving greater energy efficiency. Since water is a natural radiator acting as a huge heat sink, therefore, the plant is not exposed to temperature effects, achieving maximum efficiency of operation.


Mobile solar power plants are used in various fields and are mainly intended for temporary power supply to facilities that are located far from the main sources of electricity or for such applications as standby or emergency source of electricity.Mobile solar power plants are used to provide electricity to EMERCOM personnel, tourists, yachtsmen, geologists, oil workers, to provide lighting for temporary or field premises and stand-alone facilities.