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Development of Automated Process Control systems (APCS) (turnkey substations)

Automated Process Control System is a holistic solution that ensures automation of the production process as a whole or any of its sections.

Usually, together with a gas-fueled reciprocating engine, a control cabinet is also acquired. This cabinet does not actually control the engine, but only collects all the necessary signals. If the consumer does not have its own department for developing the ACS, it has to purchase 2 hasefuz cabinets, which will represent the middle level of the system and control the engines.

Only a manufacturing company with a certain experience can integrate such cabinets to your system directly.In the Russian market, only Siemens and our foreign partner with whom we work are capable of doing this.

The disadvantage of this system is that you will not be able to change the settings inside the cabinet independently, and each time you will have to contact the company that supplied the cabinets, thus wasting time and money to call a specialist.

ENGEN Group provides the opportunity to develop your own ACS that will give you full access to the system: engine control, change of engine settings, etc. The automated process control system will control not only the engines, but the operation of the entire substation, making the whole system to operate in the established mode.We can create a fresh Automated Control System and also upgrade an existing one.

Benefits of developing and integrating ACS

Access and control of your system
Dispatching of automatic control systems
Managing the upper level of the ACS, visualizing processes on a computer monitor or display of a mobile device
Automation of the plant’s operation processes depending on the process tasks

Updating the ACS will allow:

  • Improving energy efficiency

  • Expanding the control and information capabilities of the system
  • Optimizing the process
  • Increasing the productivity of maintenance personnel

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