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energy for business

Solutions for Industry

We design, build and operate power centers for industrial enterprises

In order to save money, it is a good solution for manufacturing enterprises to use equipment that runs on natural gas.

Gas generators feature increased efficiency, equipment durability, and low maintenance cost.

Engen selects power plants based on gas-fired reciprocating engines and diesel engines that are very reliable.
You can rely on and feel safe with ENGEN
Equipment for your challenges, not the other way round
We work with the best power system manufacturers selecting solutions for your needs, without being tied to a particular brand
Keeping your costs down
Making recommendations for upgrading existing power centers to improve their efficiency
We help you save money
We reduce the cost of 1 kW of energy to RUB 1.90.
*Depends on the selected equipment
Ensuring energy security
Protecting your infrastructure and processes from unexpected power failures
Comprehensive approach
Offering turnkey solutions: from selecting a solution to operation and supplying spare parts
We conduct energy audits and inspections of existing power centers or power centers under construction
Generating heat
Generating free thermal energy as a by-product of gas generator units


Capital City LLC

Capital City LLC CEO

A.N. Sychev

"Competent, well-qualified specialists of your company not only fulfill every single task but also regularly suggest on improving the existing equipment systems, including for enhancing work safety and protecting the health of employees.”

Mikheevsky Mining and Processing Plant JSC

Head of CHP Plant “Mikheevsky Mining and Processing Plant"

A.P. Petukhov

"Mikheevsky Mining and Processing Plant would like to express its gratitude for Engen's contribution to establishing uninterrupted electricity and heat generation, E50/E60 overhaul at Mikheevsky Mining and Processing Plant's CHP Plant, and for supply of spare parts and fulfillment of all warranty obligations."

Eka-Invest LLC

Eka-Invest LLC CEO

A.V. Nikiforov

"Day after day, you demonstrate and prove your competence and top-quality arrangement of the operation process for the power generation and auxiliary equipment at the power plant."

Mikheevsky Mining and Processing Plant JSC

Head of CHP Plant “Mikheevsky Mining and Processing Plant"

A.P. Petukhov

"The project was fully completed with brilliant quality. Some parts of work were done more than thoroughly. All this inspires respect to the specialists."

From engineering design — to operation

Engen is mainly focused on implementing own energy generation projects in terms of design, production, supply, service and maintenance of power centers. The company has gained extensive experience in implementing projects based on gas generator units—both in the form of modular design and capital construction.

700 kW to 5 MW CHP plant, various versions, lease for
2 months to several years
ACS upgrade

Our Partners

Prosoft Systems

Solutions for data centers

Diesel power plant
Low fuel consumption. Ideal for locations with good logistics.
Average price per kW: RUB 2.65.

Solar power plants
Using a renewable energy source. Suitable for areas with more daylight hours.
Average price per kW: RUB 1.25.

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