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Gas Genset Wartsila 16V34SG

Product specifications
Model: 16V34SG
Manufacturer: Wartsila
Electric power, kW: 7744
Electrical efficiency, %: 46.0
Generator voltage, kV: 6.3; 10.5
Fuel: Natural/associated gas
Dimensions, mm: 11300 x 3300 x 4240
A four-stroke, spark-ignition, lean-burn Otto cycle gas engine with a pre-chamber.The pre-chamber is an ignition source for the entire loading dose of fuel and is a key component of the lean-burn engine.

The pre-chamber must be as small as possible in order to reduce the formation of nitrogen oxides, but at the same time its size must be sufficient to ensure fast and reliable ignition.
A special feature of this model is the electrically controlled gas supply to the pre-chamber and the spring-operated gas check valve in the pre-chamber.

Modern gas engines must run only with a lean mixture to achieve low emissions without the need for additional exhaust emission suppression systems. In case of lean mixture, there is much more air in the cylinder than necessary for the complete combustion of the gas.

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