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Gas Genset Jenbacher INNIO J320

Product specifications
Model: J320
Manufacturer: Jenbacher INNIO
Electric power, kW: 1067
Heat power, kW: 1241
Generator voltage, kV: 0.4; 6.3; 10.5
Electrical efficiency, %: 40.80
Fuel type: Natural/associated gas
Dimensions, mm: 5700 х 1900 х 2300
Fuel consumption, nm3/h: 274
Engine speed, rpm: 1500
Gas gensets GE Jenbacher J320 by GE Energy Jenbacher (Austria), with rated electric power of 1,063 kW and frequency of 50 Hz, are produced on the basis of Jenbacher J320 GS-C05 gas engine and designed to generate 3-phase electric current, heat, cold, and CO2. The use of the reliable and maintainable Jenbacher gas engine in harsh operating conditions is the best and most reasonable solution to ensure the main and standby electric power supply to consumers.

Fuel options: natural gas, associated gas, propane, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, as well as specialty gases such as mine gas, coke oven gas, wood gas, and pyrolysis gas.
The GE Jenbacher J320 electronically controlled valve located downstream of the supercharger provides throttle-assisted power control and maintains the targeted return of the fuel mixture.

As a result, gas genset CHPs are provided with a high degree of control in the isolated operation mode and a higher margin for load increasing and shedding,
thereby enhancing the operational flexibility of GE Jenbacher J320 power plants in a wide range of external conditions (altitude, inlet temperature, etc.).
The individual cylinder heads are cross-flow cooled, which increases their service life up to 30,000 operating hours, facilitates access to the manifold, and allows separating the cold supply mixture and hot exhaust gases.
Thanks to the individual design of cylinder heads in GE Jenbacher J320, the cost of their maintenance is reduced.

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