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Gas Genset Cat CG170-20

Product specifications
Model: CG170-20
Manufacturer: Caterpillar
Electric power, kW: 2000
Max electrical efficiency: 43.70%
Heat power, kW: 2060
Generator voltage, kV: 0.4; 6.3; 10.5
Fuel: Natural/associated gas
Dimensions, mm: 8420 х 1960 х 2620
Fuel consumption, nm3/h: 482
Engine speed, rpm: 1500

Diesel genset, 2000 kW

Caterpillar offers a wide range of reliable gas-based power generation solutions ranging from the installation of equipment for combined heat and power generation (CHP plants) operating with natural gas and standby power supply for businesses, to biogas-based renewable energy sources for supporting local grids or gas-fired power plants operating with coal seam gas.

Up to 47% extended oil change intervals

Low lubricating oil consumption and therefore extended oil change intervals

Up to 14% saving on maintenance

Longer service intervals resulting in lower maintenance costs

Up to 1900 L/year low lubricating oil consumption

This also reduces maintenance costs and extends service intervals.

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