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Diesel generating set AD 500 SYG266 TAD63

Product specifications
Model: SYG266 TAD63
Rated voltage, V: 400
Rated power, kW: 500
Max power, kW: 550
Rated power, kVA: 625
Max power, kVA: 687
Current type: three-phase, alternating, sinusoidal
Current frequency, Hz: 50
Rated current, A: 900
  • Engine make: made in China
  • Engine make, model: SYG266 TAD63
  • Number and arrangement of cylinders: 12V (V-shaped)
  • Normal crankshaft speed, rpm: 1500
  • Cylinder displacement, L (cubic dm): 26.6
  • Cylinder diameter, mm: 135
  • Piston stroke, mm: 155
  • Engine starting device: electric starter
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