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Tominsky GOK Power Plant: High technologies in distributed energy production

The Turbines and Diesels magazine published an article about how Engen maintains and operates the largest Gas Genset Power Plant in Russia.

The GGPP includes 22 B35:40V20AG2 power units with a capacity of 9410 kW, each produced by Rolls-Royce. The electrical efficiency of the installations is 48.2 %. The advantage of medium-speed B35:40 engines is high operational readiness and low lifetime costs. The advanced combustion chambers that the engines are equipped with ensure low emission levels and high operational parameters of the equipment.

The B35:40 engines run on a depleted fuel-air mixture according to the Miller cycle. The drives are equipped with a turbocharger with an adjustable nozzle and a compressor bypass. Thus, an optimal algorithm for controlling the excess air coefficient is provided.

The power units are located in two engine rooms of the capital building (12 and 10 units each) with an area of 7,660 m2. The plant is equipped with systems of supply and exhaust ventilation, compressed air, engine oil recharge, engine cooling, automatic fire extinguishing, electric power switchgear and transformation, heat recovery. Cooling towers for engine systems are installed in an open area. The central heating point that is located in a separate building provides thermal energy to the GGPP and the GOK facilities.

To maintain the CHP and plant systems in good working order, a repair shop for cylinder head and turbochargers, workshops with a set of equipment and tools for performing mechanical and electrical work were built. In the engine rooms of the main building, four 3.2 t overhead cranes are installed; they are designed for performing maintenance and repair of various complexity of engines and power generators, as well as plant systems.

To provide CHP with consumables and spare parts, an open storage warehouse of coolant and motor oils was built on the territory of the plant, as well as a central heated warehouse with an area of 373 m2 for storing consumables and spare parts.

The central plant control panel is located in the dispatching staff room in the main building. An ESS panel is installed on each power unit. It is used to launch and configure the parameters of the CHP. The GGPP generators are synchronized with the network through the bus sections by the 110kV switchgear.

Groups of power unit generators assembled on the switchgear bus sections are synchronized with the network through the incoming sections of the 10 kV switchgear from the 220 kV Mednaya substation. The control of the active and reactive power of the GGPP, the distribution of power between power units, and the control of the flow of power between the station and the network are executed.

From the central panel, automatic control and adjustment of the operation of plant systems, control of the common plant oil system, pneumatic system, and visualization of the plant operation are carried out. An event log is kept, archives are stored, with the possibility of their subsequent transfer to hard drives for long-term storage.

The power plant is constantly loaded regardless of the time of day. An average of 3,800 MWh of energy is produced per day. There are 17 units in operation, 5 CHPs are maintained on hot standby. The operating schedule of the equipment guarantees reliable energy supply to consumers. Shutdown of the CHP for maintenance and repair does not lead to a decrease in the plant power.

The power supply from the external network is carried out from the 220/35/10 kV substation on two lines. When the voltage drops on one of the lines, the automatic input of the reserve on the 35 kV side is triggered. Backup power from 110/10 kV substation is also provided.

Delivery and installation of all systems and generating equipment were carried out within a year — from June 2019 to June 2020. Commissioning with the phased commissioning of the units has been carried out since Q3 2020. In Q1 2021, the plant was put into operation and has operated in basic mode.

ENGEN specialists carry out maintenance and operation of the plant. The company has recently appeared on the distributed energy market, but the implemented projects arouse the interest of customers. Participating in projects of this scale shows that the company’s specialists have been working in this field for many years and have accumulated a vast experience in their implementation.

ENGEN currently employs more than 100 employees; most of them are service engineers who ensure the operation of equipment at remote facilities 24/7. The company’s specialists carry out:

• round-the-clock operation of equipment;

• scheduled preventive repairs;

• technical and operational maintenance of power equipment and electrical networks;

• preventive inspections and scheduled repairs;

• supply of spare parts, consumables and process fluids;

• operational dispatch control of equipment, etc.

The company's employees have experience in the operation and maintenance of equipment from various manufacturers — gas piston and diesel installations, engines as part of compressor and pumping stations. Considerable experience has been accumulated in carrying out major repairs on-site, as well as in creating and modernizing automated process control systems of power plants based on controllers from world manufacturers.

The company’s staff consists of specialists undergoing continuous training, including at manufacturing plants, who have long—term experience in operating various types of power plants in difficult climatic conditions. The company has all the necessary diagnostic equipment and tools to carry out service works of any complexity. Due to the modern production and technical base and qualified personnel, the high level of services provided is consistently maintained.

The company’s headquarters is located in Ekaterinburg. There is a 24-hour emergency dispatch center. To bring service resources closer to customer facilities, ENGEN has a network of branches in the territory of the Russian Federation and some CIS countries. ENGEN’s customers include leading companies in the Russian economy, including mining and manufacturing enterprises.

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